Industry reports

In-depth reports on a given industry, researched with diligence and care.

New business support

Winning new business through proper planning and effective research.


We can use ensure that presentations are accurate and well thought out.

Investment proposals

We can prepare extensive investment proposals and applications.

Brand Development

Building or re-building a great brand takes a thorough understanding of what the business is all about.



E-commerce platform integration, custom sites with CMS, simple portfolio websites and more. 

Web Applications

We are Python developers and can turn our hand to web and software projects.

Email marketing

We can set up and run email marketing systems or assist with design of templates.


Whatever your marketing need, we can recommend and implement campaigns to suit using the right medium, as well as assist with SEO.


Layout design

Full magazine, book or report design and layout of content plus other publishing services.


Business cards, letterheads, company stationery design and print services. 

Direct Mail / Flyers

For general marketing or for more specialist needs, we can design professional printed flyers and DM campaigns.

Bespoke print

For a special project, where perhaps even the form is not yet decided, we can help. For example with packaging for products.




Professional photography services with art direction, location, model and support.

Product design and manufacture

We can provide prototyping and sampling through to production of physical goods.


If there are challenges related to marketing and growing the business, we can offer advice and strategy proposals.

Translation and interpreting services

Russian, English and Spanish professional language services.


Unique visual design that can explain, enhance and build your brand.