Project: IntraFish Media

Working with Norwegian news provider IntraFish Media we designed a variety of print and digital marketing materials in order to communicate product changes to their subscriber base. Our task was to assist IntraFsh in migrating its print subscribers to new digital platforms. For this project we created email templates, house adverts, web pages, and banners.

HTML Email Templates

We created several templates for IntraFish Media email campaigns with the main focus on keeping the message clear and simple. This example communicates relevant information to subscribers and offers a sign up option.


As part of this project we created a DL size direct mail piece for print subscribers of IntraFish Media. This included a one pager with information on both sides and a sleeve to contain it, with simple messaging on the front and the back. 


A variety of house adverts were designed for use both online and in print to encourage IntraFish Media subscribers to embrace the new digital platforms. We kept all adverts consistent with each other and with the existing brand.