If you have ever wanted to customise your tech or everyday items, Etch'd are the guys to do it. They asked Article to make sure while they were busy preparing their physical store opening just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, that their digital shop would be fully functional and built to a certain specification.  The brief was for a fully responsive website, with an e-commerce set up and integration to Shopify, a video front page option and a variety of social media plugins. After the initial development we now work regularly on the site, for example in adding products, making sure customers can upload artwork and adding a click and collect feature.


Business growth collaboration

We have worked closely with Etch'd on a wide variety of consultancy and marketing tasks since they started. Most recently we have supported their ambitions to develop a new B2B aspect to the business, supplying a wide variety of customers with personalisation services. Specifically we have created product catalogues, added B2B information to their website and have managed email marketing campaigns for them in order to drive brand awareness and sales.