Project: Arctic Sea Farms

From experience of working with clients in the seafood industry we undertook to design and build a demo salmon farming brand 'Arctic Sea Farms' from the ground up. With this project template we wanted to show how a clean and simple corporate identity can transpose across all marketing channels and result in an effective and professional company image. This work also shows the core ethos of the Article method; know the industry as well as possible before you begin to design for businesses within it.



In the seafood industry, where many areas of corporate responsibility need to be proven and stated, businesses often need to focus on critical messages. We used a simple site layout in order to realise this kind of platform, where key text is not distracted by complex graphics and visitors can read and browse without feeling overburdened with information.


A key ingredient in a successful brand identity is a logo mark where the visual design matches the key written value statement, in this case sustainability which we chose to emphasise across the brand. The Brand Guide we created for Arctic Sea Farms covers the use of company logo, colour palette, typography and imagery, all with visual examples.


Integrated annual reports need to paint the full picture for shareholders. Going beyond just key financial data they can and should indicate the challenges and offer insight. This can rarely be achieved by text alone and as a design team we excel in researching our subject matter, then creating simple, informative visual styles to match the written content.



Whether used by sales and marketing staff at trade events, by HR teams or the corporate communications department, printed brochures still play a role in communicating key company information to customers, visitors and staff alike. We use the established brand identity, visual style and clean layout to produce designs for digital and print distribution.


Illustrations and icons are a useful visual medium for relaying ideas and concepts to an audience. For this project we chose to use two illustrations of salmon across the ASF marketing channels. One of them is intended for use on web and in company brochures, and the other one is used on packaging and covers of the company's reports and the brand guide. 


Producers of fish do not always package their fish, but with the steady increase in vertically integrated seafood businesses, we thought for this case study we would include some examples of white label salmon packaging. We used simple typography and illustrations to achieve a modern and minimalist look. Click the images to enlarge the graphics.